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Top rated house painter serving Dunwoody GA. Painting Plus has been serving all the exterior home renovation needs for our clients located in the Georgia city of Dunwoody. You have always known us as a painting contractor, but did you know we replace the siding on houses, too?

Painting Plus is top rated painting and remodeling contractor serving Dunwoody and North Atlanta.

ZIP codes: 30338, 30346, 30360

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Serving Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Kennesaw, Milton, Johns Creek, and More

House Painting, Decks, Windows and More in Dunwoody


Coloring Dunwoody Georgia One House at a Time

Painting isn’t just about picking a color and slapping it on the walls. It’s about bringing a vibe, a feeling to a room. Whether it’s a soft blue that makes your living room feel like a cozy raincloud or a bright yellow that turns your kitchen into perpetual sunshine, our painters work with you to bring your vision to life. Our crew at Painting Plus are artisans of their craft, making sure each stroke brings you closer to calling your space ‘home.’

Sturdy, Steady, and Secure Roofing

Georgia weather, with its whimsical rain and beaming sunshine, demands a roof that’s not just built but masterfully crafted. At Painting Plus, our roofing solutions have become synonymous with resilience and reliability. We ensure your roofs are not just structures but steadfast protectors, providing a safe haven underneath the ever-changing Dunwoody skies. From the sunniest days to the stormiest nights, your roof will stand unwavering, a silent guardian crafted with care and precision.

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Painting Plus: Sculpting Aesthetic Excellence in Dunwoody, GA

In the charming and vibrant city of Dunwoody, GA, where every home and commercial space tells a story of community and timeless beauty, Painting Plus proudly unfurls its canvas of unparalleled craftsmanship. For over 20 years, we have journeyed with countless residents and businesses, providing a spectrum of services that intertwine skill, dedication, and an innate understanding of what makes a space truly shine.

Splashes of Perfection in Painting

When you look at a color, it’s not just a shade; it’s an emotion, a whisper of a memory, and a silent, steadfast anchor to a feeling. Exterior house painting, in the hands of our meticulous crew, goes beyond simply applying a coat to your walls. We help you navigate through a kaleidoscope of colors, ensuring that the chosen hue doesn’t just stay true to your walls but also resonates with the personality of your space. Our painting endeavors in Dunwoody have always been about transforming spaces into reflections of memories, dreams, and lived experiences.

Expansive Elegance with Delightful Decks

In the embrace of nature, where the outside air beckons, our decks serve as a bridge between your cozy indoors and the lush outdoors. We create decks that become natural extensions of your indoor spaces, ensuring that every barbecue, every quiet evening, and every lively gathering is cradled in a space that’s crafted with you in mind. Your dreams of a perfect outdoor escape are constructed, board by board, into a reality where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Gutter Solutions that Silently Preserve

Gutters, the unseen heroes of home preservation, receive a meticulous touch at Painting Plus. Our commitment to safeguarding your home from the potential perils of water damage is reflected in the precision and care with which we approach every gutter installation, repair, and maintenance task. Ensuring a flawless, unobtrusive function and seamless integration with your aesthetic, our gutters stand guard, preserving both beauty and structure.

In the heart of Dunwoody, where every street echoes with tales of community and timeless gatherings, Painting Plus is more than a service provider. We are storytellers, helping you weave tales of beautiful moments, secure living, and spaces that are genuine reflections of your journey.

Your aspirations for your space, be it a home that’s witnessed generations or a new commercial endeavor, are seeds from which we sculpt reality. At Painting Plus, we roll out a seamless journey from imagination to realization, ensuring every corner, every color, and every structure is a testament to your dreams and our undeterred commitment to bringing them to life.

In Dunwoody, where every story matters, let’s write yours together. Welcome to Painting Plus, where your visions take flight on the wings of our expertise, crafting spaces where every moment is a cherished memory, and every structure, a timeless testament to a dream realized. Let’s create, with your dreams and our brushes, a space that speaks unspoken volumes and stands as a beacon of your journey.

Painting Plus Is Top Rated. For Decades Our Clients Have Discovered We Are The Best Value For Painting And All Exterior Renovations in Dunwoody, GA.

Painting Plus is a residential and commercial painting service with top ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Google, Kudzu, Facebook and more. Call 770-971-1577 now for a free estimate. We are the painting contractor to call for:

  • House Painting, inside and out
  • Re-roofing
  • Siding repair and replacement
  • Decks and screened in porches
  • Window Replacement
Charlie Dallavalle, Jr. Dunwoody, GA Painting Contractor Charlie Dallavalle, Jr. Dunwoody, GA Painting Contractor

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Call the professional painters from Painting Plus for interior and exterior residential and commercial painting. Improve Curb Appeal. Increase Resale Value.

If your home is due for an exterior refreshing, call Painting Plus for it all. One contractor for complete exterior renovations in the Metro Atlanta GA area. The team services all of North Atlanta.

We are the go to team for all your painting needs. We use premium products on your project. Our skilled craftsmen includes everyone needed to do a turnkey project.

Lower Your Anxiety By Hiring Painting Plus

Over the decades we have provided clients in Metro Atlanta with complete exterior renovations without all the drama you should rightly anticipate on big projects. We deliver your painting project on time and on budget. The same goes for all our trades.

Painting Plus is a Dunwoody, GA Painting Contractor. Call now for a free quote.

Construction Brands We Use in Your Painting, Roofing, Gutter, Siding, Porch and Portico Job.


Painting Plus and our home renovation divisions use great products in your project. If you don’t see a brand here, we’ll get it for your remodeling job. We are a top rated Sherwin Williams painting contractor, Jame Hardie – Hardieplank installer, GAF Roofing contractor.