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For decades, Painting Plus has been serving all the exterior home renovation needs for our clients Acworth GA. You have seen us a painting contractor, but did you know we replace the siding on houses, too?

We Build Porticos, Decks, and Porches in Acworth

Our skilled craftsmen are trusted to install, repair, or replace porches, decks, and porticos. It is often we are asked to replace the roofing and gutters.

We are a licensed and insured contractor.

We are the one call to make for all your exterior house painting and renovation needs. Call today or fill out the convenient form.

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Serving Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Kennesaw, Milton, Johns Creek, and More

House Painting Shortcuts For Acworth Homeowners

The quick answer is there are none if you want a house painting job that will last for years. If you or a professional house painter cut corners it will show.

Sooner or later it will make a difference if the paint was thinned, cheap paint was used, the surface was not repaired and cleaned first.

But by the time you discover that shortcuts were made the house painter with nothing more than a ladder and a truck is long gone! For very little more you could have gotten the job done right and a lot more value.

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A great reputation is reason enough to call Painting Plus at 770-971-1577. We have been in Acworth for many years. More than two decades now. As long as we continue to do the preparation and painting right, we’ll be here for many more. Call today for a free estimate of painting your home or commercial building.

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House and commercial painting contractor, Painting Plus, have serviced the Acworth area for two decades. We do painting, roofing, decks, gutters, and more.

Zip Codes: 30101, 30144

Painting Plus: A Symphony of Colors and Structures in Acworth

In the quaint locale of Acworth, where each building harbors its own unique story, Painting Plus has elegantly brushed two decades of unparalleled service, painting not just walls but lives with vibrancy and reliability. Established with a commitment to embellish and safeguard homes and commercial buildings, we have dedicatedly rendered services that span across painting, roofing, deck installations, and comprehensive gutter solutions. Our track record exuberantly speaks of the stories where we transformed mundane structures into works of art, ensuring that they stand tall, reflecting aesthetic brilliance and structural robustness.

With an ethos anchored in delivering superior quality and customer satisfaction, Painting Plus has carefully crafted its offerings, always aiming to add substantial value to every project undertaken. Whether it’s a cozy home that seeks a fresh lease of life through vivid colors or a commercial space aspiring to emanate professionalism through subtle hues and sturdy roofs, our team of experts invariably brings dreams to life.

Elevating Aesthetics with Expert Painting

Our painting services have enlivened numerous structures across Acworth, each stroke meticulously laid by our skilled painters who master the art and science of color dynamics. At Painting Plus, we understand that a coat of paint does more than just color the walls; it breathes life into spaces. Be it exteriors that need to brave the elements or interiors that seek to create specific ambiences, our extensive palette and impeccable application ensure a flawless finish, embodying the spirit of the spaces we transform.

Enduring Strength through Roofing Excellence

Roofing, a critical component ensuring the safety and durability of a building, is another sphere where Painting Plus has demonstrated unyielding excellence. Recognizing the variances in structural designs and climatic demands, our roofing solutions are tailored to shield your premises against all adversities, promising longevity and steadfast protection. From traditional shingles to modern roofing technologies, we bring optimal solutions that fortify your shelters.

Decking: Crafting Outdoor Grandeur

Extending living spaces into the outdoors, our deck services have curated splendid exteriors where memories are forged amidst the open skies. With a keen understanding of materials and design principles, Painting Plus erects decks that seamlessly blend with your building aesthetics, providing you with additional space to relax, entertain, or simply bask in the tranquility of nature.

Gutter Solutions: Guarding Against the Elements

The unsung heroes protecting structures from water damage, our gutter services ensure that your buildings remain impermeable to the whims of weather. Be it installation, repair, or maintenance, Painting Plus ensures an unobstructed flow, safeguarding the integrity of your structures while also contributing to the meticulous exterior aesthetics.

Painting Plus is not merely a contractor; we are custodians of your dreams and guardians of your spaces. Our unwavering commitment to quality and a robust portfolio exemplifying two decades of satisfied clientele stands testament to our expertise and dedication in the field.

As we meticulously coat walls, secure roofs, craft decks, and ensure the flawless functionality of gutters, our mission remains steadfast: to enhance, protect, and revitalize your spaces with a promise of quality that endures time and elements. With Painting Plus, you’re not just availing a service; you’re investing in a legacy of excellence and a future of secure, vibrant living.

The Affordable House and Commercial Painter Near Acworth GA

We take painting your home or commercial business very seriously and want you know who is coming to your location.

Our painting specialist show up to your location in Painting Plus vans and trucks, equipped and ready to a great painting, roofing, siding, or other renovation job for you.

We have decades of experience and the craftsmanship you want on the job in Acworth GA 30101, 30102.

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Construction Brands We Use in Your Painting, Roofing, Gutter, Siding, Porch and Portico Job.


Painting Plus and our home renovation divisions use great products in your project. If you don’t see a brand here, we’ll get it for your remodeling job. We are a top rated Sherwin Williams painting contractor, Jame Hardie – Hardieplank installer, GAF Roofing contractor.